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Revisit the charm of days gone by.

I’m so glad you stopped in to visit my blog. Vintage inspiration has become quite a way of life for me. I’ve surrounded myself with vintage décor, I craft and create with vintage elements, and when I am out and about, I am the first person you’ll find gravitating towards the old stuff before I even consider the new. If it’s chippy, weathered, rusty or worn, I will probably give it a second glance.

I find inspiration in the little things that give subjects like graphic design, decor, food, and entertaining a nostalgic feel. I love the blending of old and new, curious and familiar, and I feel it’s those little (or large) bits of quirkiness that give each of us a signature style… even if it’s hard to describe or label.

My interests are in period stylized design (both graphic and interior), antiques and vintage finds, good food and drink with old fashioned flair, gardening, and DIY/repurposing projects. I love saving money by creating things myself, but I can enjoy a good splurge from time to time if it suits the occasion.

I’ve been married to my husband since 2001 and we have 2 children, a cat, a French bulldog, and a Great Dane. I opened my own cupcake specialty bakery completely from scratch in 2007, which was loads of fun but consumed my every existence for 6 years, and so I decided to close it to put my focus on family. Of course I did take all my recipes with me, and I’ll probably be sharing a lot of them on this blog, so you know they’re legit (and delicious.)

I do hope you’ll enjoy my posts, find some inspiration, and take away a useful thing or two to help you bring the joy of vintage touches to your life. Be sure to SUBSCRIBE below so you can get all the freshest content and goodies as I roll them out, and I would love to hear from you from time to time too, so don’t be shy…

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