Take an Accent Wall to a whole new level with a Wall Mural

When we recently moved from an older renovated home full of texture and color, to a newly constructed home – we opted for a fairly clean slate this time and chose a neutral light gray wall color for most of the house. Having always had dramatic tones on our walls, this was something foreign to me and so my husband and I both felt some of our space was lacking something, especially our master bedroom. We tossed around the idea of painting an accent wall, but that wasn’t really enough WOW so I set out on a hunt for a truly unique wall mural to get the look and feel we wanted.

I found Surface View online and was immediately in love with their selection of wall murals, wall art, and papers – particularly some of the museum and gallery collections that take actual pieces of historic art and recreate them in wall size form. Really amazing to see.

We selected “The Surprise” by Claude-Marie Dubufe from the National Gallery Collection.

Wall mural - The Surprise via Surface View

image via Surface View

We are big fans of antique romantic portraits and still life done in oil, and really loved the look of this piece… down to the aging cracks and lines in the painting. Because of the wall dimensions, I had to crop the image down using their online tool that allowed me to shift my focus as needed for our space. It arrived within about 2 weeks (from across the pond at that) and I couldn’t wait to see it unrolled. We were having wallpaper installed in a powder bath, so I had my wallpaper team tackle this as well. They were as excited as I was.

Here’s our lovely lady during the installation process:

mural work

And in the room all alone…

wall mural - The Surprise via Surface View

I love how as the daylight moves, it shines across her skin and face.

Here she is in the finished room…

wall mural - The Surprise via Surface View

Accent Wall MuralThis little decision has become my absolute favorite addition to our new home, and everyone who sees it in person is just amazed. You want to walk up to it and touch it just to make sure it’s not painted on… but no, it’s paper… and totally worth it. Yes, it is an investment, but considering the cost of art – and a wall this size needing more than one piece anyway – i think it balances out. And I actually saved some money by deciding not to buy a headboard after all.

What do you think? Do you have a wall mural in your home or have you been considering one? Maybe this gives you some inspiration. Check out Surface View now and receive 15% off when you use promo code HAPPYNEWHOME. This offer ends January 31st, so don’t wait!

*This is not a paid endorsement. I absolutely loved my wall mural and simply had to share it!

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