French Vintage Eclectic: A Before & After Home Tour (Part 3) Master Bedroom

home tour featureIf you’ve been following my home tour posts Part 1 & Part 2, you’ve come to see how eclectic our style really is. We love mixing modern, vintage, and antique elements with decidedly French “undertones” to create a style all our own.

As we prepare for our move, I thought I’d better hurry up and get the final part of the tour posted so I can eventually move on to the next house. Sigh….

Today I am sharing our Master bedroom and bathroom renovations with a glimpse into the before and after once again.

We have a nice sized master bedroom but there was an obstacle to contend with that we really weren’t sure how we were going to resolve. The master bedroom has 3 windows, and while you know I love natural light, I also love sleeping in the few times a year I get to, so I don’t like a lot of glaring sunlight in my face in the morning. Yes, this can be resolved with black-out drapes, but the real obstacle was the placement of the windows. One window was centered on the wall facing the front of the house – no problem there – but the other 2 were oddly off centered on the side wall. This threw the balance and symmetry of the room completely off. We didn’t want the bed sitting caddiwompus in the room – especially with room for our side tables on one side and not enough room on the other – and we didn’t want to put the bed on the opposite wall and walk right into when you came in the door. Who put these windows here anyway?

Master Bedroom before:

home makeover before and after tour- master bedroom

Yes, they loved their matchy fabrics. It’s hard to see the window placement in this photo, but there are several feet of extra space on the left of the bed, and just enough room for the side table on the right. Their small side tables worked out ok, but our tables are much bigger and wouldn’t work.

So I decided I would kill 2 birds with one stone – the extra light and the offset windows – and make them disappear. To avoid major construction, I carefully measured everything, worked up some mathematical magic, and designed 2 raised panels that sit directly over the windows and recenter the room. My carpenter thought I was bonkers, but followed my plan exactly ( that’s a miracle) and it worked!

Master Bedroom after:

home tour before and after - master bedroom

The windows and their frames are still completely intact behind the panels. They have been filled with temporary blinds to block some light and the panels were mounted right over them.

Going from 3 windows to one still leaves plenty of natural light. We painted the walls a dark gray (Obsidian Glass), trimmed out in white, and added a spa blue to the panels and ceiling. The panels added height behind the bed and we no longer needed a headboard. Opposite the bed is a large blue-gray antique buffet (not shown) that serves as our entertainment center, and the room is now nicely centered. What do you think?

Next, we’ll finish up with the master bathroom. This space got a redo from top to bottom.

Master Bathroom before:

home tour before and after - master bath

This room wreaked of the 70’s from the furdown over the vanity, to the Hollywood style wall to wall mirrors, to the brass fixtures.

This room got a complete style overhaul which included removing the furdown to raise the ceiling height, reworking the arrangement of all the lighting and adding sconces, rebuilding the cabinetry to raise the sinks and lower the vanity seat area, breaking up the mirrored wall with 3 individual baroque style framed mirrors, plus new granite and satin nickel fixtures. Quite the undertaking…

Master Bathroom after:

home tour before and after - master bathroom makeover

We carried the same color scheme from the master bedroom over into the bathroom.

The bathroom has such a clean and polished, high contrast look to it now. I love these white framed mirrors so much I almost hate that they have to stay. Would you believe I got them at Pottery Barn Kids for a fraction of the price I could have paid elsewhere? All because it’s a “children’s” store. The frosted French door at the end leads to the sunroom and out to the pool and patio, so we have easy access to the bathroom after a swim or yard work.

And now into the shower, tub and toilet area


home tour before and after - master bath

Pretty plain here, plus that uncovered window was a little creepy.


…and After:

home tour before and after - master bath

Lots of marble subway tile and small mosaic tiles for trim and flooring. Same paint and ceiling color carried over and we frosted the windows to allow in light but keep the privacy.

So I think this look has so much more POP and wow factor. Subway tile is so popular right now and the little mosaic tiles for the trim and flooring adds just enough to keep it interesting. A small black chandelier over the tub adds a sprinkle of elegance (and my girlish touch).

before and after home tour - master bedroomWell, that about sums up my “current” home tour. We’ll be packing soon and moving it all into a completely different home and layout, so I can’t wait to share my next big project with you. Wish me luck and say a prayer we all survive the next move.

Hope you enjoyed my tour and thanks for stopping by!

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