Cinderella as seen by Edmund Dulac… plus the new movie trailer!

carriage2I have to admit, I got a wee bit giddy when I saw the new Cinderella theatrical trailer. I am a classic fairy tale girl at heart, so I had my doubts that this could be turned into a live action film and not be cheeky, but… the cinematography is gorgeous, the costumes are magnificent and the storyline seems in keeping with the classic we love. Okay, she IS missing the classic Cinderella up-do, but I’ll live.

It’s what little girls’ dreams are made of. You can see the Disney Cinderella Theatrical Trailer HERE.

With that in mind, I wanted to share some images I have of French-born artist Edmund Dulac’s graphic interpretation of the Cinderella fairy tale. These are from the book by  Sir Arthur Quiller-Couch : The Sleeping Beauty and Other Tales From the Old French. 1910.

cinderella framedI  personally love taking old illustrations, as opposed to the newer lithograph style illustrations, and matting them for framed art. I  used this same concept for both of my children’s rooms when they were babies, using enlargements I scanned and printed myself of illustrations in old books we already had.  It saved me quite a bit of money, and the art was something you just wouldn’t find anywhere else.

So I imagine these images would be perfect in a little girl’s room with or without matting and maybe some gold baroque style frames.  If you don’t want to pay the usual framing price, you can always check places like Home Goods or Hobby Lobby, but you’d be surprised how often I find  gorgeous, ornate frames on not so pretty art at the thrift store for super cheap. Remove the old art, add a fresh coat of gold spray paint, and it looks brand new. Or maybe leave it a little chippy for that patina look.

I can also imagine these would be great for invitations and note cards, should there be a Cinderella themed birthday party in your future (which after the film goes live next March, I imagine there will be if there are any little girls in your family.)

Here’s 4 of my favorite from Edmund Dulac for your inspiration:

Cinderella dulac 3


cinderella dulac1


Cinderella dulac 2


cinderella dulac4

Simply right click on the image, select “Save Image As” and save the graphics file to your computer. Left Click the photo to go to a larger version of the image. Be sure to let me know what fun ideas you have for using them!

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