Ditto : Fast Fix-ups on a budget | Dressed up Topiary

Ditto: dit-oh.   1) Another of the same. 2) A duplicate; copy.

Today’s DITTO is a fast, five-minute fix up to create the “illusion” of an expensive decorative topiary without the expensive price tag.  My inspiration comes from these great table top topiaries by Belle Marie and MacKenzie-Childs that tend to run in the $42-$69 range for a small 6″ round boxwood ball at a height of about 12-14.”

designer topiaries

Designer topiaries for inspiration.

I love having fresh flower around the house, but that bill can add up if you have to replace them every 1-2 weeks depending on your blooms. Fresh potted plants can be nice… if you have the right light and don’t have a cat like mine that loves fresh greenery. I needed a plant I could put on an end table in the living room that didn’t require care, had height but not bulk, and didn’t cost a fortune. I found my preserved boxwood topiary (not the cheap plastic kind) at Marshall’s/Home Goods for a mere $14.99. It was already in the oxidized metal pot that was nicely weighted in the bottom. Bonus. I love preserved boxwood plants because they look fresh and the only care they require is a light dusting and a light mist of water every month or so to keep them bright green and prevent them from getting brittle. This is my kind of plant.

boxwood topiary

My boxwood topiary from Home Goods

I then went home and rummaged through my spools of ribbon and found this French postal inspired burlap ribbon that I used over the holidays, and the black and white striped wired ribbon I’ve kept around for gift wrapping.  The burlap ribbon was a 5 yd spool that was marked $5.99, but I know I bought it with a buy 1 get 1 deal, because that’s how I always buy ribbon – at a discount. The striped ribbon has been in the gift wrap closet for a couple years now. Regardless, I probably didn’t pay more than about $6 for both spools and can use them for multiple projects.

ribbon for topiary

I thought the bows tied up next to the boxwood ball on my expensive inspirations looked a little too cutesy and hid the stem, so I opted to attach my ribbon around the oxidized planter.  Since it tapers pretty quickly, wrapping it flat around the top wasn’t working, so I swagged it a bit and hot-glued the burlap ribbon down first with the edges meeting at the front, and then overlapped the striped ribbon and tied it in a loose bow.  I glued this ribbon down with a dot of hot glue in the back to keep it in place and a couple dots hidden in the front to keep the bow from slipping out.

my topiary

My dressed up topiary for half the price.

Voila! For the supply cost of about $21, I ditto’d a pricey designer topiary and had ribbon left over for other projects. AND… no shipping costs to boot. So what are some quick ditto’s you have saved big bucks doing yourself?  I’d love to hear where you found your original inspiration and how much you saved too!

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