How to Easily Arrange Store Bought Fresh Flowers

I love having fresh flowers in my home, but I also know those gorgeous arrangements can get expensive. It’s amazing to me that even a grocery store will charge $40 or more for flowers in a vase that you can buy right there in a bundle for sometimes under $10. Why? Because arranging flowers yourself can be frustrating and they know it. Well I am here to show you my tried and true method for how I easily arrange store bought flowers that’ll look like someone sent them to you from the florist!

This method works well whether you choose to just pick up a simple bouquet of a dozen roses, or a mixed bouquet. For this post, I actually did both because the mixed bouquet was only $7.99 and the roses were in the “reduced” bucket for only $4, and still in great shape.

Arrange store bought flowers with ease!1) Choose your vase and fill it about 1/3 to 1/2 with WARM water (use cold for tulips only). Warm water helps the flowers absorb the water faster and keeps them fresher looking longer.

2) Snip away any leaves you don’t want to see, especially those that would take up space in your vase. The less leaves you have, the more water the stem sends to the flowers themselves. That equals happier flowers.

Arrange store bought flowers with ease!

3) Cut 3-4 of your BASE flowers to the correct length. For my bouquet, my base flowers are my roses since I have more roses than anything else. To find the correct length, I simply do the following:

  • bring your vase to the edge of the counter or table
  • hold one flower next to the vase with the stem extending below the vase
  • place the top of the flower above the vase a distance that is equal to approximately 1/3 to 1/2 the total height of the vase
  • trim the stem – at an angle – even with the bottom of the INSIDE of the vase. I say “inside” because if the vase is thick glass at the bottom, you will have extra length you don’t need.
  • now keep your first flower as your measuring stick

Just to go back for a second, notice I said to trim the stem at an ANGLE. Why is this important? Cutting at an angle gives the flower about twice the surface area to absorb water through. Look at the difference:
Arrange store bought flowers with ease!4) Put those 3-4 base flowers you just cut into your vase spaced evenly around the outside.

Arrange store bought flowers with ease!

5) Now using your first cut flower as your guide/measuring stick, line up the tops of your other flowers (one at a time) with the top of your guide flower, and trim the stem to the same length.

Arrange store bought flowers with ease!

6) Add flowers between your base roses, then working around your vase in a spiral till you fill up the middle. For mixed bouquets, I like to pick up a different flower/color each time I cut and place them in the vase so the variety is fairly well spaced out evenly and there’s not too much of one color or type together. If you have a lot of one particular flower in your mix (like my roses), maybe group them in two’s for color purposes to start.

7) Give your arrangement a once over from all angles, add water to finish it off, pat yourself on the back, and voila! You just made a beautiful flower arrangement in like 10 minutes!

Arrange store bought flowers with ease!

Here’s a few other tips for great arrangements:

  • How to easily arrange store bought flowers in like 10 minutes!When selecting roses, try to choose flowers where the green at the base of the petals which once covered the bud (called the sepals) are pointing up and not curling down. If they are pointing down, it means they are off the cut longer and may not last as long as others.
  • Again, add WARM water to your vase for better absorption. The exception is for tulips which will stand up longer if placed in cold water.
  • Don’t try to cut multiple flowers at once. This will most likely just gnaw at your stems, crushing the end and making it harder to absorb water, or you may end up with different lengths because you are cutting at an angle.
  • The “flower food” is nice and there are homemade alternatives around the internet, but the best way to keep your flowers looking fresher longer is to change the entire vase of water out daily.

I hope this post helps you arrange store bought flower bouquets with ease, and gives you the confidence to make those beautiful arrangements yourself and in a much more affordable way.

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