Free Graphics: Hand Drawn Laurel Wreaths – Merci!

The laurel wreath has long been an symbol of victory and regality found in mythology and art throughout history. During the French Directoire, Beaux-Arts and Empire periods of architecture, laurel wreaths were commonly found in stone, plaster and ironwork as well as furniture and textiles, often gilded with brass or gold leaf.

The laurel wreath motif has seen a recent resurgence in a softer form for graphic and interior design, product branding, and crafts. You’ll find this notion on everything from creative logos to French Country pillows in a variety of styles and themes.

Today I am sharing a beautiful set of hand-drawn calligraphic style laurel wreath graphics Designed by Freepik, a handy site to bookmark for all sorts of free graphics. These have endless creative opportunities, so feel free to re-use them to your hearts content.

laurel wreath merciSince the holidays are over, and THANK YOU season is in full swing, I thought I’d share my use of 2 of these lovely laurel wreaths for Thank You card graphics.

Simply right click on the image, select “Save Image As” and save the graphics file to your computer. Left Click the image to go to a larger version. The image set is provided at 300dpi in it’s full size format. Be sure to let me know what fun ideas you have for using them!

laurel wreath


Here’s my 2 Thank You card or tag graphics for your use (sample shown on card above):

Laurel wreath merci beaucoup

Laurel wreath merci bee

Feel free to adjust sizing, recolor, or add your own text. These would also be great in a negative image over a chalkboard background. Create stickers or labels, gift tags, notecards,…all sorts of things!





For info on use of my free French graphics – graphique images, click here.


  1. Francine says:

    I love these wreaths!! I am having a problem saving them though. When I right click on the one I want it highlights all of them and doesn’t let me separate the one I want. Any suggestions? Thanks!

    • Along the Left Bank says:

      Hi Francine! Thanks for visiting!

      The original file from FreePik is a single combined file as well, so you will need to crop your image to the wreath you need as you choose to use them. This is what I did with my examples for cards. The file is large enough that the quality of the graphics should stay just as clear. Do you use any graphics software?

      Hope this helps.

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