Free Vintage Graphics: Butterflies

When I was a little girl, I was a huge fan of butterflies. So much so, I begged my parents to wallpaper my bathroom with them, and they kindly (and probably reluctantly) obliged. I love visiting the natural science museum and seeing all the different varieties, in so many sizes and colors. One of God’s smallest but most beautiful creations.

Today I am sharing 2 Free Vintage Graphics sets of gorgeous butterflies.  The first set is of Victorian style graphics – the kind you would find on old greeting cards – great for adding to crafts and graphics of your own. The second is a traditional French entomology style print, great for wall art.

free vintage graphics butterflies


free vintage graphics butterflies entomology

Simply right click on the image, select “Save Image As” and save the graphics file to your computer. Left click to see the image in an enlarged format.

Let me know how you use it or send me a pic!

For information about use of my free graphics files, please click here.


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