Glimpses of Sanity: After the Move…

As the dust settles after the whirlwind my life has been over the past month or so – a major home move and unpacking extravaganza, a family wedding in California, and a dose of strep for my youngest and I – I am finally started to catch glimpses of sanity as I pass through our new home each day.

The bird art collection perfectly placed up the winding stairway…

stairway art

My favorite gilt mirror hung and a little decor arranged below…

gilt mirror

A French applique placed over the stove vent hood to give it a little extra touch.

french applique over venthood

And though I haven’t had time to fully decorate for the season, I have started adding a few Fall touches to our new home.

Some vintage book pumpkins¬†(found via a shop by HiButterfly on Etsy) on the table that landed in the curl of the stairway, along with a giant preserved boxwood ball I placed in an urn I recycled from a dried flower arrangement that didn’t survive the move…

corner table with book pumpkins

vintage book pumpkins

And a new preserved wreath (via Joss & Main)¬†full of fragrant fall foliage to greet you at our new front door…

fall front door

It’s starting to look like home again, and I am loving it. Thanks for your patience while I get things back in order. I’ll be blogging a bit more regularly now that I can see the light again.


    • Bygone Vintage says:

      I see you found the photos of our previous home. There’s actually a part 2 and 3 to that if you want to check it out. The new house is a bit more subdued with a softer, more neutral color scheme. Haven’t gotten around to photographing that one yet. Working on getting some drapes in (what a hassle.) Thanks for stopping by!

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