In honor of Bastille Day… A little French Wine Fact about Malbec’s True Home

French wine… synonymous with good taste. Did you know that the delicious Malbec wines, commonly popular as an Argentine favorite, actually came from France?  “It was Cahors that gave Argentina its first Malbec vines, when French agronomists took cuttings there in 1852.” –

Cahors, The Original Malbec

“Savvy wine lovers know Cahors to be the historic and spiritual home of Malbec. And today, they know the region to be the grape’s epicenter of quality. Here, in the unique terroir of southwest France, Cahors wines achieve their ultimate character and aging potential. Announcing themselves with aromatic complexity, full-bodied palates and firm and fruity tannins, the best Malbecs of Cahors enchant with flavors of violet, black currant, cherry and licorice, enhanced with maturity by notes of truffle and eucalyptus and hints of oak. Indeed, wine drinkers around the world have rediscovered “The Black Wine,” whose vineyards are meticulously tended by an energetic new generation of winemakers who are matching modern enology to centuries-old traditions.” –

So next time you’re in the red wine aisle, skip over the Argentine selection to head over to the French wine favorites and consider choosing a true French Malbec.

Looking for a suggestion under $25? Ask for Chateau de Mercues Malbec. Priced around $21 for a 2009-2010 vintage, this has all the components you’re looking for in a true Malbec – power, depth, delicacy and complexity. Let it breathe for an hour or two to enjoy it at it’s best.

mercue cellar

Chateau de Mercues Cellars


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