Quick Tip: Preserving Memories the Easy Way

Do you save tickets, playbills, travel vouchers/boarding passes, etc.? Are you like me – full of great intentions for preserving memories – but just not finding the time or all out commitment to make a scrapbook for all of these memories? Well I have a quick and easy solution for you, and my version took all of 15 minutes.

You know those great boxed frames with the glass front you’ve probably seen at Michael’s or Hobby Lobby that are often used for collage art? Well I picked up a BIG one at Home Goods last week for about $14 in a lovely French Country distressed gray and white with a tan canvas padded lining – perfect for my décor. It’s about 20 in. x 14 in. and about 2 inches deep and the front opens like a door with a magnetic closure. It even came with it’s own pearl pins!

Today I printed up this little saying on some vintage inspired craft paper I had lying around, cut it to size, tacked it into my frame with those handy pearl pins, dropped in a few of those “memories” I had tucked away in drawers, and Voila! Instant memory display.

preserving memories

This would be a great piece of art on your wall in your kitchen or family room, standing on your bedroom dresser, and would even be a nice addition to a coffee table lying flat. You can use the pins to perfectly place things if you prefer, but I personally love the randomness (and ease) of just dropping them in and letting them stack up. Ours is a “family” memory box, but you might consider making one for each child to have in their own room and a separate one for the parents to keep those date nights and sneak away vacation memories just for yourselves. Plus, this display method is a lot cheaper than all those never-ending scrapbook supplies.

preserving memories

Now that I’ve got the itch, I am also planning to make something similar to hold all the cards, flower enclosures, and love notes I have collected from my husband over the years. Why should they sit in a box or drawer?

15 minutes, and onto the blog it goes. Next project please…





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