Real Story Behind St. Patrick’s Day

Story of St. Patrick - bygonevintage.comHappy St. Patrick’s Day! We all say it, but do we know what it really means or where it came from?

Well March 17th became a day of celebration honoring St. Patrick when the Church established a “Feast Day” in his honor way back in 1631. The Patron Saint of Ireland had passed away around the 5th century, and somehow 12 centuries later the “modern” version of the holiday started being observed with all the green regalia and pots of gold that have nothing to do with the real St. Patrick.

Historians are a little indecisive about St. Patrick’s life story, but it’s told that he was a Roman citizen (of Britian at the time) who was taken as a slave to Ireland. At some point there he was either released or escaped, and became a priest and changed his real name to that of Patricius (Patrick) from the Latin term for “father figure.”, where his so-called luck was his ability to convert so many Druids to Christianity.

So there’s your history lesson for the day. Enjoy!


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