Relish in the Rustic Look

The rustic look has really made a comeback in “modern” vintage design. Just 15-20 years ago, if you would have said the word “rustic” when talking about décor, you might have envisioned something along the lines of old gas station memorabilia. Nowadays, the rustic look can be associated with several more inspiring design styles – industrial, shabby chic, French country, farmhouse, primitive, and so on.

I have a fascination with rustic details, both through true “found” items, meaning those items salvaged from a truly vintage setting, and replica pieces that many popular brands like Restoration Hardware and Pottery Barn work tirelessly to reproduce. They always catch my eye and make me think, “I wonder where this could have been, and what could I do with it now?” What are the ingredients for the rustic look? Here’s my go to details:

  • weathered wood
  • chippy paint
  • metals like zinc, copper and tin – preferably rusted or tarnished
  • visible nails, metal corners, strappings
  • rope
  • patina
  • wire mesh or chicken wire elements
  • baskets made of wood, rope, hemp or straw
  • cans, containers & crates

Two of my favorite online resources for rustic décor are Antique Farmhouse and Décor Steals. Both sites offer limited time bargains on some unique finds that work well with the above mentioned design styles. Many pieces are replicas or inspired items taking inspiration from the past, but they do offer true found or salvaged items as well from time to time. Here’s a few of my favorite finds from their sites:

rustic look wire basket light

Wire basket pendant light from Antique Farmhouse.


rustic look basket

Metal Basket with wheels from Antique Farmhouse.


rustic look distressed column

Distressed column pedestal by Antique Farmhouse.


rustic look cotton wreath

Cotton wreath by Décor Steals

You’ll also find some rustic look items in the Brocante Shop at our sister site Along the Left Bank. While they may be scattered into other categories based on their use, there is a Rustic category link that will pull all these items together for those looking specifically for this style. Here’s an item you might like:

handmade tool box

Huge handmade tool box in the Brocante Shop.

You don’t have to spend a fortune to add some rustic details to your décor either. Etsy is a great place to search for unique pieces from all over the world, both vintage and hand-made. I’m also a fan of a form of shopping exercise called picking. This is a term made popular by those HGTV shows, but you don’t have to be famous to find great stuff. Take a trip to a local flea market or hit up a few garage and estate sales, and you can officially call yourself a picker with my compliments.

Do you love the rustic look and use it in your own home? What’s been your favorite find? Share your ideas in the comments below!

Note: As an affiliate to sites mentioned in this post, I may receive compensation for your decision to visit their links.

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