Rooms: The Must Have App for Room Layout Design

Many of you know my family is in the process of finalizing our next home move, and not one to waste any time, I am trying to check off as many things as I can to be as proactive and prepared as possible up until the dreaded “Moving Day.” One of my biggest concerns has been where am I going to put everything, since some of the bedrooms are smaller while some of the “family’ rooms are bigger. I don’t want to find myself in that “let’s see what it looks like over here” predicament when I could save precious time and energy by having it all figured out BEFORE the movers arrive, and just let them do all the heavy lifting when we get it to the new house.

Room layout app ROOMSThat’s where my favorite new app comes in: ROOMS by List Logic Software.

This room layout app was so much fun to work with and so easy to learn to use on my iPad, my kids have even helped me with their own room planning. You can download a free version of ROOMS to try it out, but for a small $2.99 in-app upgrade, you can save all your rooms and even save multiple versions of your rooms so you can refer back to each one and choose your favorite. Well worth the upgrade charge in my opinion, and considering the hourly rate movers cost, this $2.99 investment is probably going to save me over $200 in time from them.

rooms room layout app

Here’s the features you’ll love the most (besides the fact that you don’t have to be an architect to draw out your room plan now):

  • Create rooms in any shape and size. Angled walls? No problem. Bathroom door to work around? Just mark it on your plan. You can even allow for the space needed for when that bathroom door swings open. You can even add windows.
  • Choose from a wide selection of preset furniture pieces and accessories and plug in the dimensions of your piece. Have an odd piece that doesn’t fit into the sample selection like the Barbie house or gaming chairs? No problem, create custom pieces too.
  • Move and rotate each piece easily.
  • Customize everything to give your room a LIVE, view from the top look so you know exactly what you are looking at – flooring, rugs, furniture colors, bedding, etc. Each and every piece.
  • Label those not so obvious furniture pieces if you like with text.
  • Share your saved rooms via email, text message, and social networks.
Here’s some screenshots provided by List Logic…
room layout app ROOMS
 room layout app ROOMS
So wanna take a peek at a couple of the rooms I created?  Here’s my kids rooms…
room layout app Girl room sample

My daughter’s future room…

room layout app

My son’s future room…


I like seeing the grid which gives me an idea how many feet I am working with, but you can change it to the color and type of your flooring.

Pretty handy app isn’t it? Now I can start working on the master bedroom, living room and game room, and before you know it, I’ll have the whole house planned out and one more major undertaking checked off my list.

So if you’re thinking about changing things up in your home, or planning a move soon like me, downloading the ROOMS app needs to be the first thing on your todo list today. You can thank me later.



  1. Deborah says:

    Thank you for the rooms app. I know it will be helpful! I really love your site & I am fairly new. I have one question, before you move, will you be posting part 3 of your master bedroom?

    Granbury, Texas

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