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In the GRAPHICS section of my blog, I often offer free images for your personal download and use.  The images provided on this site are either personally created by me or considered to be in the PUBLIC DOMAIN and available for use free of any know copyright. By providing these images, I do not personally guarantee that they are completely free of license or copyright, but to the best of my knowledge and research, they are. If using them for professional purposes, I suggest you check the copyright status yourself.

Occasionally I may provide images or links to images from a 3rd party or affiliate site, and these images may sometimes be available for a limited time.  I will try to note that in any such case. I do provide links or reference to any 3rd party site when available.

The majority of my graphics are vintage and date back to production prior to 1923 which is when the first image copyrights began. I do take copyright issues seriously and try to verify the date prior to offering it for use online. If for some reason there is a known issue with one of my images, please bring it to my attention immediately.

Now, for the details on your use of the Graphics images:

  • Please do not use more than 5 of my images in any one project or on any single category, page or post of your own site.
  • Any sharing of my images in your blog or website needs to please reference it’s origin as – I do appreciate your link backs.
  • You may NOT use any graphics, images, etc. that are a part of my logo, web design, sidebars or in any other areas of my site EXCEPT for those specifically posted and marked as FREE GRAPHICS in this section of my blog.
  • If you operate a “free graphics” site or have a free graphics page in your own blog or website, you may NOT use my images on your own site without first receiving approval.  You may make your request at to discuss your use further.
  • My Graphics images may be used for personal, craft, or project use, and may be used for professional design projects (meaning something you make money off of) as long as you follow the 5 image rule stated above.
  • Share your projects with me! If you use my Graphics images for something great, send me photos or links to your projects.  I may even share them on my site and link back to you for reference. Email me at

If you have any questions about using images, don’t hesitate to ask.

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