Vintage Inspired Holiday Centerpiece

Thanksgiving has come and gone, and I can now commit to getting my house decorated for Christmas! As much as I hate picking it all back up and packing it away when the holidays are over, it is my absolute FAVORITE time of year to decorate.

Each year, I try to change it up a bit while still recycling most of my key elements, maybe with new colors for ornaments and ribbon, etc., but this year with a new home, I am trying to bring out a vintage vibe with lots of “old fashioned” Christmas touches. First thing on the list of to-dos… my vintage inspired holiday centerpiece.

I’ve been staring at this huge old wooden toolbox for a couple of months now and decided that this year, I would put it to good use and make it a focal point in my Christmas decor.

vintage inspired Christmas centerpiece - using a vintage toolbox

At over 26 inches long, the perfect size for my big dining room farmhouse table and my thrifty centerpiece project I am sharing with you today. I really couldn’t believe how inexpensive this one was. Have you seen the price of finished centerpieces in the craft store or floral shop???

I decided to go with traditional colors and elements this year, so some fresh greenery and bright red and gold accents were on my supply list. With fresh greenery comes the need for some water, and so I simply dropped some of my disposable plastic food storage containers in the slots to accommodate for that.

Vintage inspired Christmas centerpiece - using a vintage toolbox

I then measured my containers to find out what size floral foam I would need to drop in. Having seen it in stock before, I headed to my secret hideaway for craft supply deals – DOLLAR TREE. Yep they had my floral foam, AND they also had some golden glitter pinecone ornaments, red jingle bells, and red and white berry springs, all perfect for my arrangement. Seriously it’s amazing what you can find at the dollar store. I even found an adorable red cardinal and remembered I had an empty nest at home I could use to put him in my arrangement too!

Vintage inspired Christmas centerpiece - using a vintage toolbox and bargain supplies

For the fresh greenery, I headed to my local Lowes Home Improvement store and was thrilled to find a 20 ft fresh evergreen garland on clearance for only $5. See it’s right there on the yellow sticker. What a steal!

Vintage inspired Christmas centerpiece - using a vintage toolbox and bargain supplies

Hurry, there were only a few left if you wanna snag one too. I have more than I need so of course I will find some other ways to use the rest. This I just cut outside into smaller sprigs, and brought them in to my work area to avoid some of the mess.

Vintage inspired Christmas centerpiece - using a vintage toolbox and bargain supplies

With my floral foam soaked and dropped into the containers, I got to work on stuffing my toolbox with all my bargains, and look what I came up with…

Vintage inspired Christmas centerpiece - using a vintage toolbox and bargain supplies

I added the adorable jingle bell burlap ribbon and plaid and burlap ribbon I found for about $6 each at Marshall’s Home Goods. Every year I find the BEST high quality ribbon bolts at this store, that don’t look like all that craft store ribbon, and are always so much cheaper. I saw the exact same jingle bell ribbon at an unnamed craft store for $10 more, and that was their sale price. I do love Home Goods for so many reasons…

Now, about that bow… I have had a nightmare getting my bows just right for some time now, and I happened to read on Yvonne’s blog at that she had a fool-proof way to make gorgeous bows in minutes, and wouldn’t you know it… she was spot on. Her tutorial saved me both time, and ribbon. You can see her perfectly informative bow making post HERE.

So… what do you think? I love the mix of rustic wood, a little glitter and shine, and a nice polished bow. With my centerpiece made, I can now start working on the rest of my “vintage Christmas” themed decor, and honestly… I can’t wait. Gotta go!

Happy Holidays~

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