Vintage Wednesday Linkup Party #9

Hello friends! Had a little mishap yesterday so please forgive me for not getting the new linkup party online till now. I have to take a moment to share my day with you…

I can usually craft or McGyver – as I call it –  my way out of most any situation, but Wednesday was not one of those days. I managed to lock myself (and my dogs) out of the house yesterday morning…in my robe…with no shoes…sopping wet hair…with no phone…in a new neighborhood where the only person I know very well is the lady that works at the model home. I was able to get myself into the garage, where I found some of my husband’s DIRTY jogging/yardwork clothes and his tennis shoes to at least cover myself up, and all the tools I could ever need. NONE of which were able to break me into my own house. I may just have to go back and watch myself on the security camera feed once my blood pressure returns to normal. Begrudgingly, after over an hour of failed attempts, I put the key in the golf cart and drove my oddly dressed self up to the model home to completely embarrass myself and beg for a phone. Humbling to say the least. What a sight I must have been for her.

Called my husband (who works 45 minutes away), told him the situation and asked if he wanted to call a locksmith, to which he said he didn’t want to pay for that and would just come home. The dogs and I waiting in the backyard in the sun for an hour to stay warm (it was 50 degrees in the garage so that wasn’t going to work) and no one came. Not like I could call to find out where he was. A while later, I heard the back gate open and a stranger was standing there. It was a locksmith. My husband got stuck at work and called someone who was supposed to be at my house in 10-15 minutes and took over an hour. Don’t you just love good customer service? Regardless, he was my new best friend for the day. Had to start my whole day over again at 1pm, and ran behind till about 10:30 last night when I finally gave up and went to bed.

Just a little reminder that you can be the most prepared, organized, resourceful mom on the planet, but life can still throw you a curve ball. A simple key hidden in the garage would have solved my problem (and saved my pride) in 60 seconds. That key is now there. Lesson learned.

Anyway, when you are done laughing, here’s this week’s awesome featured posts and the new Linkup Party for the week. Show me whatcha got.

Rosemary and Thyme shared the most gorgeous table setting in honor of friendship, because Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be just about romance. I love the soft, feminine color palette and mix of shapes and textures.

Vintage Wednesday linkup party - table setting

Adventure’s In Junking shared some vintage repurposing ideas for recreating cupid’s arrows using salvaged goods. SUPER CUTE idea! I bet we all have some things lying around we could do this with…

Vintage Wednesday Linkup Party - junk arrows

My Thrift Store Addiction shared one of their recent finds – some gorgeous transferware picked up at a YARD SALE of all places. I am a fan of French transferware, but I took one look at the covered bridges on these plates and got a little teary eyed. My late grandmother LOVED covered bridges, and collected all kinds of things that she could find them on – puzzles, post cards, etc. She would take long drives with family and friends years ago, to hunt down the ones that were still standing in her northern state areas in the fall months. She would have just loved these…

Vintage Wednesday Linkup Party - transferware

Thanks to everyone who shared with us last week. I always look forward to seeing what unique things my new friends have to share.

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  1. Cecilia MyThriftStoreAddiction says:

    Oh my heart went out to you when I read about your recent mishap! I can also relate to tearing up about your grandmother–mine inspired my love for vintage. I had to do some serious rearranging to accommodate MORE vintage dishes,which led to the project I’m linking today 😉 Thank you so much for hosting and for the feature! Blessings, Cecilia

  2. Donna says:

    I am so honoured. I have been consumed with studying the last couple of weeks and didn’t notice right when it happened. What a wonderful surprise. Thank you so much

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